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Friday May 29, 2015
Among millennial women, full-bottom underwear is considered cool.
Draw your guess for every income level, then compare it with the actual data on college enrollment and the drawings of other readers.
As FIFA leaders gathered for a meeting, Swiss law enforcement officials arrived unannounced and made arrests at the Justice Department’s request on charges including racketeering and money laundering.
For millennials, news of the planned July closing was disquieting; it was almost as if the fantasy stage set of childhood was about to be demolished.
How did I become a widow? It began in our basement, where Robert holed up with his Dewar’s bottles.
Sepp Blatter, who is seeking a fifth term as FIFA president, is still expected to be re-elected in a vote Friday even though Europe and the United States have pledged to support Prince Ali bin al-Hussein.
Unexploded ordnance, covered over in haste or in oversight, is cause for alarm — and for wide-scale evacuations — long after World War II.
Here are the high-ranking soccer officials and sports executives caught up in the FIFA investigation, as well as some of the schemes detailed in the Department of Justice indictment that alleges widespread corruption over the past two decades.
One person’s waste is another person’s ride home.
Mr. Sanders, 73, whose progressive views often appeal to young Americans, also seems to be striking a deep chord with older voters as his campaign gets underway.
In a news conference on Tuesday, prosecutors disclosed new details in the death of Vincent Viafore, the kayaker who had been missing for weeks.
My husband and I went out grocery shopping. Big mistake.
The venerable Baur au Lac hotel, which overlooks Lake Zurich, provided an unlikely setting for the apprehension of six global soccer executives.
Anxiety has surpassed depression as the most common mental health diagnosis among college students.
Justice Department officials said they would not ask the Supreme Court for permission to carry out the president’s immigration program while a fight over presidential authority plays out in the lower courts.
Nebraska became the first conservative state in 40 years to ban the death penalty after legislators voted to override the governor’s veto.
As the nation’s views evolve, Republican presidential candidates remain stuck trying to out-conservative one another for the sake of primary voters.
As commuters bemoan the mounting delays and disruptions, the state is dealing with aging infrastructure and a lack of money to fix it.
The more patients they cover, the sicker we get.
Short of proof to refute evidence of misconduct and swift action to protect migrant workers, the award of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar should be withdrawn.
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